First look: Airtronics MT-4 Radio

First look: Airtronics MT-4 Radio

Today we are taking a quick look at the newest pistol-grip style car/truck/boat radio from Airtronics, the MT-4.  Airtronics has really done a great job here; the features the MT-4 has to offer simply cannot be matched at this price range!  2.4ghz, 4 channels, user-assignable switches and a first for Airtronics, TELEMETRY!  That’s right!  The MT-4 has real-time telemetry!  Things such as receiver voltage, temparature and RPM can be monitored right from the radio’s huge LCD screen!

Feature List:

  • No External Antenna
  • All-New Lightweight Design
  • All-New Fast-Navigation Computer Menu System
  • 4 Channels
  • 18 Model Memory
  • Digital Screen
  • Fast Response
  • SSR-Compatible
  • Telemetry. Receiver Voltage, Multiple Temp Sensors and Engine/Motor RPM
  • 1 RPM and 1 Temp Sensor are Included
  • Assignable Switches and Functions
  • Programmable Mix
  • Step Mix
  • Point Mix
  • 4WS Mix
  • MOA Mix (Motor on Axle)
  • Multiple Curves and EPA
  • Multiple EPA Types
  • Adjustable Servo Speed
  • Anti-Lock Braking
  • Alarms with Audible Tone and Volume Adjust.
  • Model Naming
  • User Name
  • Throttle 50/50 & 70/30
  • Includes 2 Grips for Customization
  • TX Battery Range, 4 cell dry AA to 2S LiPO
  • Compatible with almost ALL servos available today.

    Pretty impressive list ‘eh?  Crawler guys will love the MOA & 4WS mixes along with the 3 position switch, while racing folks will love the super fast latency!

    Here’s what she looks like out of the box!  The MT-4 comes with a receiver (more on that in a bit), an RPM sensor, temp sensor, optional 2nd grip, dry cell receiver battery holder, switch etc…


    The MT-4 has a user friendly layout and is very comfortable to hold in your hand.  All of the knobs and switches are user-assignable!  So, you can make the MT-4 work FOR YOU.  The lever pictured to the left of the wheel is a 3 position switch, which is great for those running a DIG setup or perhaps an electronic winch?  The MT-4 also features 4 individual digital trim switches, one for each channel.

    Airtronics includes this new #92010 4 channel receiver with the MT-4.  This receiver is very small considering all of the things it has to offer!  3 telemetry ports, 4 channel ports.  This receiver operates on a new 2.4ghz modulation. FH4T.  The MT-4 can also use any other FHSS receiver in the Airtronics line!

    All in all, the MT-4 looks and feels like a winner!  Make sure to check them out at!  We hope you enjoyed reading this quick look!  Once we get a chance to test this awesome new system, we’ll work on a more in-depth review!

    Direct link to the MT-4 at RPP Hobby:

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